One Legged Insha Competed in Ski Championship

Insha Afsar a Pakistani village girl from Muzaffarabad, a one legged girl competed in US Paralympic Alpine National Championships.

Insha Afsar in America. Pic by Dawn news.

Insha Afsar in America. Pic by Dawn news.

Insha had lost her one leg in 2005 Earthquake.

Insha belongs to an under developed village of Pakistan which is a male dominant society. In 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan tens of thousands of people lost their lives as many as one millions were injured. Among them there was a girl Insha who could easily been destroyed Psycolgically and physically after losing one leg. But this enthusiastic girl never lost hope and reached to such a distinction where world praised her.

Insha competed in US national Ski championship with her one leg bundles of courage.

If such a big tragedy of  witnessing worst natural disaster and the loss of an organ and then the pressure of the society cannot let you down, nothing can be.

Insha Afsar is an inspiration to all the people especially women who want to to something in their lives.

Australia won the WorldCup

It was the Cricket WorldCup since a couple of months, the biggest event of Cricket sport organised by ICC after every four years.

WorldCup 2015
Australia won the WorldCup 2015 and has become the only team to win this title 5 times.

WorldCup Final
WorldCup final was between The host teams Australia and New Zealand which reached WorldCup Final for the first time.

WorldCup 2015 Pics image

Australian Controversial pic viral on social media
Though Australia have won the WorldCup but it left some controversies over host team. As Australian players are well known for their sledging in the game.
The pic which went viral on social media depicts how Australian players making fun of a Kiwi’s batsmen and compared with the attitude and good manners of Kiwis player.


Australian players making fun of opponent player (right) while New Zealand’s player helping opponent player getting up. (Left)

Here is another thing worth quoting that Earlier in the Quarter final an Australian player S. Watson was charged 15% match fee for the violation of code.

Anyways! Congratulations to Australian team for winning the mega event.

Snow veil mountain of Kashmir

Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, Pic by Abdul Latif

Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, image by Abdul Latif

With the late onset of rains in Asia this year, snowfall in Northern Areas of Pakistan and Kashmir has also adopted this new trend. Kashmir a south Asian region, is famous for it’s beautiful mountains and lush green peaks and meadows and because of this reason Kashmir is known as “Paradise on Earth” and is one of the best tourist spots in South Asia. The paradise is witnessing the snowfall and the image depicts how paralyzed the life there on high roofs of earth these days. But it also has given the tourists from moderate to hot areas to experience the joy of snow.
Can this be a must visit place in your list?
Thanks to Abdul Latif from Kel, Neelum AJK for the image.

Holi in Pakistan

Hindu and Muslim Students celebrating Holi in Pakistan

Hindu and Muslim Students celebrating Holi in Pakistan

When it comes to celebrating cultural and religious eves, Asians are less than no one. And this time it is a colorful event of Holi. Holi is a religious festival which has been celebrated since ancient times by Hindus. Though it has become equally famous in non-Hindus in South Asia. The colors are spitted on one another exhibit the love and peace. It is also a symbol of prosperity as it is celebrated at the end of winter and on the beginning of spring.

This year Holi is celebrated on 6th March in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other regions of South Asia as well as in west. Seeing the minorities rejoicing their events and the people of majorities joining them further increases the passion of the event and a symbol of peace and inter religious harmony among different people. Happy Holi.

Good time to visit Islamabad

Rose and Jasmine Garden Islamabad

Rose and Jasmine Garden Islamabad

With Spring season to kick off in Islamabad, it is the best time to visit the lush green parks and gardens of Islamabad.
It is neither very cold nor too hot out there with good bright days.
Rose and Jasmine Garden is one of the beautiful places to start with. It is situated near the famous Abpara Bazar which is one of the busiest market of Islamabad. The charm of this park is enjoyed by thousands of local and foreign visitors daily. The vast area of it, beautiful flowers, plants and grass beds, beautiful sittings and natural views make this park a must visit place of Islamabad.
For other beautiful pictures of Islamabad see Spring 2014 Islamabad archives

Spring prolonged this year!

I have collected some pictures of Islamabad Pakistan during this Spring.

Google Pakistan Search Engine Hacked

The Google Pakistan ( search engine was been hacked today. The initial reporters believed that that was just a bug caused when the mobile and other wireless  services were disabled for a short interval of time.

Within a few hours Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) declared that the site had actually been hacked by some international hackers and the search engine had been reconstructed and restored.

The search engine was believed to be hacked by a Turkish hackers group Eboz. The same group was involved in taking down of hundreds of other sites.

The early morning today the hackers broke into Google Pakistan search engine and changed the logo header with a picture showing two penguins on a bridge. They also left a message in Turkish.

What was and is their aim from hacking the search engine and other sites is still a question. Though the message left by those hackers on one of the defected sites says that they were just trying to highlight the vulnerabilities.

Whatever was their aim, this hacking has caused a real threat for many other high rated sites.
The boundless acquaintance of anything is dangerous. And the boundless acquaintance of web is HACKING!